One of the biggest Russian companies has begun the structure of a new water park, in the region of Budva. The project is going to cost around 13 million euro according to a research.

The Aqua park will be built on Toplis hill, Budva, and its dominant feature will be water. It will be capable of accepting at least 6.000 visitors to its 53 attractions, but the most important thing is that it will offer about 140 working positions.
Water Park to be built in Montenegro by Russians
The same company plans to build a similar park in Nis, Serbia.
It is worth mentioning that they’ve been more efforts to built a similar park in the area before but the plan wrecked. In 2006 Numerico Trade Limited, a Cyprus-based company, made an agreement with the Minister of Tourism then, for the construction of a water park there. But this project failed, leaving a debt of 1.600.000 euro.  

In 2011 another attempt was made, this time with the Russian company Mirax. Mirax planned to take advantage of the region, in order to build the water park along with a luxury complex in Cape Zavala. But once again the project wrecked, as the Russians stayed only in plans and the only thing that was actually build, was a discotheque on Toplis hill.

The last company that wanted the project was the Russian company Aquaterra solutions, which claimed the project in 2014. Aquaterra solutions plan to build an amusement water theme park in the region using the equipment that local authorities possessed. So this brought a profit of 2.000.000 euros to the community.

The same company plans to build a similar park in Nis, Serbia.


Petros Stathis