The low-cost airline EasyJet announced that will start new flights from UK to Montenegro in March. Specifically, the flights will be from Manchester to Tivat and the round trip will cost around 50 euros.

With no doubt, these are good news for Montenegro not only for tourism but for real estate too. Except of the 15.000 tourists from UK that are expected to arrive in summer, it’s also expected that British real estate buyers will start to be interested for the country.
If this new flight has success, it’s possible that new flights will start from other countries too and not only from EasyJet but from other low budget airlines too. So more real estate buyers and different investors in the country! It’s memorable that the rising of real estate in Montenegro the previous years was a result of the flights of Ryanair. Ryanair operates in the country since 2013 and has flights from London and Brussels. In the beginning the flights were only during the summer but they were successful that now they are all year around. Now it’s the turn of the other big low-cost flight Wizzair which is really considering this option.
2015 was tough year for real estate and the demand was lower because of all the problems of the Russian market. Despite this fact, many big investors from all over the world started to invest in resorts, hotels and real estate in general.
For example, if you are watching Montenegrin market you probably know about the big player Petros Stathis who made a big impact in the economy of the country with his investments. Petros Stathis is a Greek entrepreneur who discovered early the big opportunities that the Balkan country has and decided to invest in two of the best resorts of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan and Maestral Resort & Casino. But he didn’t stop there, Stathis realized that Montenegro is not a country only for summer and made a big investment in real estate in a winter resort, Kolasin where he’ll build upmarket villas soon. He owns also high value land for commercial and residential development in Podgorica.


Petros Stathis