Dubai seems to be the first most popular city when it comes to investments in real estate, followed by Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, according to a recent published research relevant to GCC High Net Worth Individuals.

The study shows an increased number in the preference of GCC HNWI to extend their real estate business in Dubai within 2016. Specifically it turns up that 27% prefers Dubai as the best location for real estate investments, 21% chooses Abu Dhabi and 8% consider Sharjah as more suitable.
With global economic crisis incommode most of the countries the Gulf States are also facing some financial turndown that lead them to decrease budgets access the VAT and phase out energy subsidies. Those reforms are expected to financially narrow households, but for the time real estate investments in UAE, which represent a safe field, are continue to increase.
During the last year, GCC nationals represented the majority of investors in United Arab Emirates and especially in Dubai, with AED 44 billion spend for real estate business. Those numbers show that the region and the country itself provides a really suitable and ideal field for investments in this sector. Dubai also seems to be the most preferred place for real estate business in Middle East, according to a recent study.
Another explanation for Dubai’s popularity in real estate investments is also the great variety it offers in this sector, from low-end and high yielding residential units, to more sophisticated options. So Dubai has been transformed to a really baiter location for those who extend their business in the real estate sector, not only in UAE but also in Middle East.


Petros Stathis