Real Estate is one the most important and complicated markets! Despite this fact, the most people have a false opinion about this sector.

real estate
Usually their knowledge is based on their family and friends. Because of this deficient knowledge, during the years many myths around Real Estate were created. Let’s see some of them.
Agents are not necessary!

Many people who are searching to buy a house, think that can have a good deal without the help of an agent. It’s often said that properties are cheaper when you avoid a selling agent. But it’s not true because the majority of properties are registered in a selling agency so the fee of the agency is included in the price. Except of this, agents can give you great advices and make a better deal!
The market is always on the rise!

Many people think that the value of properties is always on the rise and because of this sometimes they make rash and reckless purchases. But the truth is that like every other market, Real Estate has sometimes meltdowns that cause a decline in the price of properties.
The kitchen and the bathroom should be renovated!

The buyers shouldn’t bother about this kind of things. A renovation usually means that the price would be higher. In addition the buyer can by his own the renovation according to his needs.
Don’t buy an old house!

Many people have the opinion that an old property shouldn’t be bought because it will be infested with bugs. But the buyers should have in their mind these properties are the best bargains and the restoration doesn’t cost a lot. And of course there are ways to get rid of the bugs!


Petros Stathis