The Turkish company Dogus Holding with the US Stratex Group signed a contract to renovate the Dukley Marina in Budva!

The agreement includes providing of all the resources and the expertise for the reconstruction of the place. The plan is to expand the marina and make it more modern so it will be a nautical destination for all over the year!
35 million euros will be invested for this project and this will lead to the development of the hotels in the area and the increase of the incoming tourists.
The owner of the Dogus Holding, the billionaire Ferit Sahenk said that a big dream came true. It’s the first investment of the company in Montenegro and Mr. Sahenk said that he knows the risks of a new business environment but he wants to surprise the society of Montenegro with his investments and socially-beneficial projects.
Neil Emilfarb, the President of the US Stratex Group said that they have the same goals with Dogus Holding and he believes that they will have a very good collaboration. He added that the two companies have the ability to create new jobs in the area and transform Budva.
 Of course the government of Montenegro supports this project and believes that it will be beneficial for all the country.
It seems that Budva and Montenegro in general is a top destination for investors from all over the world. The investors saw big opportunities in the tourism sector of Montenegro and decided to take advantage of this. Others focus on the sector of hospitality like the Greek investor Petros Stathis and others in different sides of the tourism such as Ferit Sahenk and Neil Emilfarb!


Petros Stathis