Recently, a new index was created to measure the commitment of philanthropists with at least $5 million to invest. US is at the top of the heap.

philantrhopy US
4 regions were studied: US, Europe, Asia and Middle East and US proved that is the most generous when it comes to philanthropy! Maybe that's because US is the region with the most billionaires. Although US is first in the list as always, Middle East is second and very close so it wont be a surprise if it becomes the king of philanthropy next years.
But how a typical philanthropist looks like? This year the typical philanthropist made donations mainly in the health sector except in Asia where the philanthropists focus more on environment. In US, 38% of the people who make donations plan to leave at least one third of their fortune in charity, in Asia 28% will make the same and in Europe 26%.
The majority of the wealthy philanthropists don't just make a donation for a cause but they want to make a real change in the world. Whatever their cause, 70% of them expressed their willing to establish a program or an initiative that will offer continuing help. That means that the funding will continue by establishing a self-sustaining organization or a charity that can be profitable.
As the survey indicated, more than philanthropists support collaborative philanthropy which means that many organizations collaborate and work together for the same cause. Also according to the survey, many donors choose to integrate their charity with their profession so it's an important part of their lives and deal with it everyday.


Petros Stathis