Two weeks ago, specificly on Sunday July 3, at 9:30 a.m. PDT till Sunday, July 10 something different took place! We of course talking about the Summer Games Done Quick.

Summer Games
Now, you may find yourself asking what is the Summer Games Done Quick!
Its an annual charity event that brings together superhumanly talented gamers to show off their skills in a week-long marathon. The doonations that are raised during this year's event support Doctors Without Borders, an international organization that provides medical aid in regions that need it. 

The event is primarily showcasing the talents of speedrunners who put their mastery of a particular game to work in completing a pre-set goal — usually, finishing the game — as quickly as possible. 
Especially skilled speedrunners often throw in added challenges, such as playing through blindfolded or with only one hand free. 

The organization had started working with the extremely talented speedrunners in order to raise money for charity since 2010, with two events per year, one in January and the other in the summer — becoming the standard in 2012.

The events successfully raised donations up to the tens of thousands of dollars for their first few years, but in 2013 that changed when a spike in popularity brought in more than 600,000 dollars between the year's two events. 
Now with the popularity if the Games Done Quick marathons and the love for games and gaming they now regular climb past $1 million in donations, with the last event, held in January 2016, raising $1.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

In case you are interesting to donate to the organization or you want to see when the next marathon will take place, you can click here and head to their official website.


Petros Stathis