The family of Petros Stathis donated medical equipment to the hospital in Pljevlja totaling in value to the amount of 20,000 euros. The equipment is intended for the needs of the gynecological department of the hospital.

Stathis family donates medical equipment to Pljevlja hospital
Stathis' family, at the initiative of the Health Insurance Fund and director Kenan Hrapović, donated a a radio-wave knife, worth 4,200 euros, a therapeutic lamp (about 3,000 euros), dry sterilizer, fetal monitor (3000), ten metal dressers, kits for delivery and several species of specialized drums for sterilization. This sort of medical equipment is necessary in any gynecological department, but was missing in the Pljevlja hospital.
"The moment when I was struggling for my own life, due to health problems I faced, a tragedy has befallen health system in Montenegro, when the life of a baby in Bijelo Polje was lost. When it comes to health and lives of people, my children are very generous and caring. So they wanted to contribute, to help in this way at least. We want to prevent such tragedies from happening. With God's help, I am here today to offer this help in the name of my sons and our family", said Eirini Stathis.
Mrs. Stathis expressed desire to continue donating to this hospital, as well as other hospitals in Montenegro. Director of the health institution Dr. Zoran Tabas, who was presented with the donation, said incidents that took place in Bijelo Polje hospital happen in developed countries as well. He thanked both the Stathis family and the Health Insurance Fund. "I hope these and similar donations will continue, because its something that health institutions in Montenegro really need", said Tabas.


Petros Stathis