In a recognition ceremony at Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai, the winners of the “Distinguished Philanthropic Award in Schools” of Dubai Cares were honored.

Philanthropy Dubai
In this event both the winners of the Philanthropic School Award and the Young Philanthropists Award received their awards. It was about the diligent work that schools and students made with their impressive raising money ideas. This action, with the fundraising and the various concepts, had as a purpose the kids in developing countries to be provided with access to quality education with the support of the Dubai Cares.
 To this event, the supporting partners were also awarded due to their significant role by making reality all this concept. Some of these partners were the UAE Ministry of Education, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Moreover, all the effort made and the support demonstrated by the schools were recognized by the UAE-based worldwide altruistic association.
 Dubai Cares encouraged all students in private or public education over the seven emirates to take an interest in their school activity this year, empowering the mix of generosity into the instructive motivation of youth over the UAE. Thus, the activity accoplished, well executed raising money events in collaboration with Dubai Cares’ altruistic effort in the developing world.
 “The level of eagerness shown by schools and students through this activity across the UAE has been really encouraging”, Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares noted for the major number of participation on this event.
 “This motivate us not only as an organisation but as a country too, to impart the social entrepreneurial spirit in our schools and youngsters. “


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