In mid-2013, eBay's Sean Milliken declared that mobile giving is a noteworthy advancement in contributor behavior concerning non-benefits around the world.

mobile giving
Mister Milliken stated that "the following generous skyline of smartphones arrives now. In 2013 and past, we foresee that more philanthropic associations and raising money experts will embrace a mobile mindset and take part in mobile empowered fundraising to take advantage of another, growing contributor pool." More specifically, mobile giving raised at least 45% from 2014 to 2015, as new information came from Blackbaud, a processor of online gifts.
In 2015, one in seven online benefactors donate by using their cell phone, compared to the one in 10 of the previous year. According to the study, it is clearly noted that more people donated by using their mobile devices rather than their tablets. The results were almost the same as the previous year, when 17 percent of the contributors donate by their cell phones, up from 13 percent of the earlier year's occasion. Moreover, the outcome mirrors the extensive augmentation of smartphones. Sixty-eight percent of American grown-ups now have their own cell phone and 45 percent of them has at least a tablet, as reported by the Pew Research Center.
The information that was used by Blackbaud where from about 1,193 small and midsize donations, including 249,000 presents and 95,000 fundraising occasion registrations made a year ago. According to this survey, iPads are no more the prevailing platform for making smartphone gifts. They were responsible for 61 percent of mobile presents in 2014 in contrast of just 43 percent a year ago. Mobile devices that were utilized more frequently than a year ago: Forty-two percent of the gifts were made on iPhones and 14 percent on Android telephones in 2015 and similarly, up from 30 percent and 10 percent in 2014.


Petros Stathis