Two days ago, Dubai Municipality announced that they will be donating a generous amount of money to charity for every motorists who would participate in a Car Free Day.

dubai free car day
For every cars that will not be used by the residents for a day, charities across UAE will benefit and some amount of money will be donated for planting trees.

This activity has been going on in the UAE for the past 8 years and this particular year’s car-free day which happened last 5th of February is one of the crucial marks for the Year of Giving.

Since its launching in 2010, this program had been continually initiated by the civic body to convince officials and employees to swap their cars for alternative modes of public transport to go to their particular destinations with a crucial goal to lessen the carbon emission as well as the environmental pollution.

The Director of Corporate Marketing and Relations at the Municipality, Khalid Badri, told local newspaper and news site Khaleej Times, “The initiative has so far recorded 1,700 government and private entities, up from 1,070 organizations last year, reaching out to over 241,000 employees this year”.

"Even if out of the 240,000 employees, only 40,000 ditched their cars on the day, we would be making an achievement," he added. “While the municipality previously announced it will give cash corresponding to savings in carbon emissions per vehicle to mark the Year of Giving, the donations will be handed out based on the number of people who will participate instead.”

 "In this way, we will ensure higher numbers of donations collected to bring about more benefit to the society," said Badri, specifying that the money that will be collected will go to charity organizations and the remaining will be used as fund to plant trees across the Emirate so that the carbon emitted by vehicles will be balanced out.


Petros Stathis