More than 50% of the American Donors have faith in public charities and approximately 80% of them feel like helping their fellow humans in need.
Concurrently, after a new poll published by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, there was a great amount of concern about the amount of money that nonprofit organizations spend. Some of the respondents answered that they did not spend the money wisely and a 41% of them believe that their leaders paid extravagant amounts.
Almost 50 percent of the donors that participated on that survey said that they took a careful look to their financial expenses before writing a check.
Researchers also asked respondents whether they do believe that charities have really an effect and generally about spending habits. According to their findings, 25% of them said they believe that nonprofits really do help people and make a great job and the eighteen percent of them supported their programs and services.
Although, there was only a 13% that supported the way of charities’ spending.
In order to get a clearer picture the respondents that did not approve the way of spending of the organizations were asked about which was exactly the unwise move of the organizations. The answers named was the cited salaries and other costs (37%) and an 11% who supported as an unwise move the advertising.
Albeit, less than the 1/3 of the polled had made their giving motivated by the effectiveness of the charity programs.
Researchers summarized some significant demographic differences and some of them were based on the gender, the religion and mostly of the wealth of each person.


Petros Stathis