There is no doubt that business can benefit by building a Philanthropic Game Plan! But why should they consider doing it so?

 Philanthropic Game Plan
By creating a philanthropic game plan they build deeper connections among employees, clients and community, as Jessica Hovis Smith (Alabama-based adviser) explained.

Smith is in the process of creating a guide for businesses. The guide contains seven steps, from pinpointing passions and values to spelling out an action plan to reflecting on a client’s efforts over time.

As Smith said: "For business clients, there are four main benefits to philanthropy. It builds connections among employees, clients and community. It builds community trust in and goodwill toward the business. It connects the business purpose to something bigger. And it can build the business brand and reputation."

"That doesn’t mean that philanthropy should be used as a marketing ploy, but it does link businesses to clients who identify with the business’s values and goals", she added.
After the planning and investing comes the practice

Advisers who want to attract new clients need to immediately change how they market themselves and their practices. The publication says that advisers needs to use video and social media to make inroads with prospective clients. Quoting the words of Wayne Gomes, the co-founder of GrapeVine6:

"Clients are looking for more “content and advice” ".

And as Kristi Ross, the president of online-trading platform dough added:

" Younger clients are fueling the shift,, told attendees. Younger clients are “two times more likely to seek financial content on social networks, but such techniques can also attract clients of other age groups, OnWallStreet adds."


Petros Stathis