Philanthropy is another quality of Petros Stathis. He is an active member of the local community and he tries to help whenever is needed.

Ambulance-DonateTogether with his wife Neda Stathis and the rest of his family, they make big impacts on the society of Montenegro. The couple has massive concern about health issues and children, as well as other serious social challenges.

Since 2014, on his own initiative and with the assistance of his bank, he managed to sponsor nine children aged 3-5 years to which they have given a significant amount at the highest interest deposited to the bank, so they can only use them when they are 18 years old and they are supposed to leave the orphanage.

Amongst others, the family of Petros Stathis donated medical equipment to the hospital in Pljevlja totaling in value amount of 20,000 euros. The equipment is intended for the needs of the gynecological department of the hospital. Specifically, the Stathis’ family, at the initiative of the Health Insurance Fund and director Kenan Hrapović, donated a radio-wave knife, worth 4,200 euros, a therapeutic lamp (about 3,000 euros), dry sterilizer, fetal monitor (3000), ten metal dressers, kits for delivery and several species of specialized drums for sterilization. These equipment are necessary for every gynecological department but the hospital of Pljevlja didn’t have it up until the family’s humble donation. Obviously, this was a critical lack for the hospital, all the hospital staff and the community of Pljevlja henceforth, they were extremely thankful for the kind donation of the Stathis’ family!

Stathis’ mother expressed her desire to continue donating to this hospital, as well as other hospitals in Montenegro. The family also donated a new ambulance to the Montenegrin authorities. It’s expected that Petros Stathis, with the support of his family, will continue his kind actions and philanthropy for the benefit and betterment of Montenegro!