Last week at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, an exhibition of contemporary Croatian art "T-HT nagrada@msu. hr" was presented. According to, it was the ninth year that this show presented a cross-section of modern Croatian art.

Zagreb Contemporary Croatian Art
The ceremony consisted by two performances. The first one was named "Unease, anxiety" by Tanja Dabo. The artist wrote to a wall of the museum all her long-term feelings, regarding anxiety and unease, as an artist that is not producing artistic work.
The second performance has the name "Path" by Ljiljana Mihaljević, who played hopscotch on the floor of the museum, but without "Heaven" exists as a reward. As the artist stated, "in real life there is no final reward because every ending always brings a new beginning; prize is life itself, the real prize is a chance to have a new beginning in life".
Each year, this show provides the opportunity to artists and the audience for new beginnings, in order to create and question about the meaning of art and life. From the 39 works selected the 17 belonged to female artists and the 22 to male.
As regards the works, there were seven installations, six photographic works, four films and the rest were drawings, prints, objects, multimedia installations, paintings, video works and two performance acts, as already mentioned above. Moreover, there was a variation of topics, as always but as the years go passing by, there is an increase of environmental issues and ecology trends.
Zagreb Contemporary Croatian Art
Throughout this show, three awards will be given: the first prize worth 50,000 kuna, the second prize worth 45,000 kuna and the third prize worth 40,000 kuna. In addition, the visitors had the opportunity to decide on their own which work is the best, so as to be rewarded with 10,000 kuna.


Petros Stathis