Increased by 4.5% was the number of outbound trips in world tourism in the first 8 months of 2015, with short trips up to 7 nights to be the major increase factor. In turn, the market share of longer trips shrank further.
This is one of the outcomes of the 23rd World Travel Monitor Forum held in Italy, Pisa (26 to 28 October), where IPK World Travel Monitors' representatives presented their latest survey, published exclusively by ITB Berlin. 

Specifically, the estimates for the entire 2015 are 6.75 billion domestic trips and 1.2 billion international arrivals. Regardless of the worldwide economic factors along with the Europe migrant crisis, the general trend in the global tourism industry remains fulfilling for 2015.
Luxury and ‘para-hotel’ accommodations are increasing their market shares, while other hotel categories are gradually losing relative market share over time.
Germany remains the world's most tourism friendly country, followed by the USA and the United Kingdom. China is in fourth place in the ranking, while among urban areas destinations, Hong Kong is in the first place, leaving Paris and London behind.
Regarding 2016, IPK predicts a growth up to 4.3% in world tourism, with the strongest growth originating from Asia (+ 6.1%) and North America (+ 5.1%). Europeans are also expected to contribute to the rise of world tourism, with a 2.8% increase in outbound travel.
More than 50 specialists in tourism and representatives of the academic community introduced the current trends in world tourism, during the annual Forum in Pisa.


Petros Stathis