Usually in the months of the winter, there is not mass tourism in Venice. So the locals put their warm clothes and they are going around the beautiful piazzas and canals and enjoy their city and its uncommon calmness.

If you are a real traveler, for sure you have the need to enjoy each city like a local! In case of Venice, winter is the best season to do this. Less tourists, lower prices and romance in the highest levels. You can enjoy immediately the magic of the city by taking a water taxi to arrive to your hotel! Give a gift to yourself and enjoy it!
To live the best experience in Venice you should also choose the best hotel! Absolutely Venice has variety of good and luxury hotels but there is one that distinguishes! Its name is Aman Canal Grande, located directly on the Grand Canal, the most famous and beautiful canal of Venice.
Probably you heard the name before because George Clooney made his wedding there! Aman Canal Grande is maybe the only hotel in Venice which feels more like a private palazzo than a simple hotel. It opened its door only in 2013 and the dynamic Greek entrepreneur Petros Stathis decided to invest in it. Petros Stathis is famous for his hunch in business and investments and he wasn’t wrong either in the case of that hotel! Only with a few years of life, Aman Canal Grande is considered as one of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world.
What’s better than watching the snow while drinking your hot chocolate in a 16th-century palazzo or enjoying a foot massage in Aman Spa?


Petros Stathis