In the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which was the event of the week there were presented plenty of expensive high-tech products but Vodafone Foundation was the exception!

Vodafone Foundation is the philanthropic foundation of the famous mobile company and in the past completed many successful projects for people in need. This time the Foundation presented in Barcelona 2 new products that will offer Internet to refugees from Syria and Kenya.
According to the company, Internet service will be useful for the refugees for two reasons. First it will be useful for the people that are on the move from their countries to Europe to plan their next steps and inform their family or friends where they are. From the other hand the service will be useful for those who are stuck in refugee camps and with Internet will be able to have access in many services and education also.
Also there is another problem that Vodafone Foundation wants to solve. Usually the refugees who are going to Europe through Greece they have smartphones or other devices to connect and many times good connection to Internet but they don’t have a place to charge these devices. Vodafone wants to solve this by creating a big portable charger that can charge up to 66 smartphones at a time. The device can be divided also in 4 different modules for easier use.
This big charger was designed to help The UN Refugee Agency that makes a big effort to help these people in Greek islands, Lesvos and Samos which have a big influx of refugees during the last months.
The second product that Vodafone will use for helping refugees is the Instant Classroom, a box that contains 25 tablets that already was used to provide education to 60,000 young refugees living in the Dadaab region of Kenya. Now Vodafone created an upgraded Instant Classroom that is ideal for bigger classes in refugee camps. It contains a laptop server preloaded with educational content, a projector and audio system and 3G and 4G connectivity.


Petros Stathis