According to UNICEF Representative for Montenegro, Benjamin Perks, Montenegro has done a magnificent job when it comes to refugees from Kosovo, demonstrating goverment's good organisation ability, as well as the efficiency to cope with any possible new wave of migrants.

Montenegro would be ready to register and process refugees in case of a possible influx, as the government has proved that it was capable of conducting a reliable and well-organised process of preparations in collaboration with international humanitarian aid organisations.
“The country has done a spectacular job when it comes to refugees from Kosovo, so I would rather ask them how they did it”, Benjamin Perks stated in an interview with radio Antena M. He added that Mοntenegro should be ready to deal with any future crisis, regardless of whether it occurred or not, and in case of a new influx of migrants UNICEF is commited to support the goverment's exertion.
Mοntenegro has already set the required infrastructures in order to cope with a possible wave of migrants. A housing solution for refugee families is offered, both at the Asylum Centre and in the facility of ‘Ljubovic’, as goverment has agreed with private developers in Podgorica an alternative accommodation for some 300 refugees. Mοntenegro also has a location for accommodating potentially large number of immigrants in the future.


Petros Stathis