Setting of the underwater power cable, 157 kilometers in length, went faster than planned on Montenegrin side. Last of the cable was set yesterday around 13h, it was confirmed to Pobjeda daily from Terna sources.

underwater power cable
The project on Montenegrin side begun on November 20th. Cable was laid down from ship Skarerrak owned by Norwegian company Neksans. The ship is specialized for these types of missions.

Underwater cable is 455 kilometers long in total, and it has three parts. Italian company Terna already set 136 kilometers on Italian side last year. In January next year, the last part of the cable that is to connect Montenegrin and Italian side is to be set.

Terna plans to set the whole of cable during the beginning of the next year, so that the whole project of energy connection could be finalized by the end of 2018.

Works are done in the bed of Adriatic Sea, at depths reaching 1.200 meters. Nominal capacity of current transmission is 1.000 MW. In the beginning of October, land cable was set from Montenegrin side, from Jaz to Lastva station, in the length of 6 km. Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism issued a construction permit to Terna in the beginning of August.


Petros Stathis