The chairman of UAE’s Space Agency recently announced, “Hope Probe will be a bridge to new technologies”. Last Tuesday during the Global Space Congress held in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Khalifa Al Rumaithi, the chairman of the UAE Space Agency deeply expressed the interest of the UAE in space tourism.

space tourism UAE
He quoted, “Increased activities in the space sector will support many other sectors,” during an interview for Gulf News. He also added that even though no timeframe has been announced, space tourism is definitely on their agenda.

He has high hopes that going forward with Emirates Mars Mission which is working on launching the Hope Probe come July 2020, and redoubled space sector activities will encourage numbers of related sectors including space tourism
 “Mars Mission is very important to the UAE. It is like a bridge to a new technology. The mission will inspire more people, especially youngsters, to work in the space sector. We always try to attract youngsters to the space sector,” Dr. Rumaithi stated, expressing satisfaction about the enthusiasm of the young Emiratis working in the space sector.

He also added, “It is a proven fact that space technology supports other industries. The mobile phone you are using is through satellites built by space sector. The experiments done on the space can also be applied to many sectors on the ground, which will help the UAE’s overall progress.”

Any space-related projects, including the Mars Mission and space tourism will be monitored under the upcoming space laws as announced by the UAE Space Agency last December 2016.

The director-general of the UAE Space Agency, Mohammad Nasser Al Ahbabi had said it will be addressed accordingly as facilitating space tourism should follow certain regulations. He quoted, “You can’t have space tourism without space laws. We will address this.”

Al Ahbabi is firm that all space projects essentially need to be undertaken by laws because technology alone wasn’t enough for all space-related activities specially for the launching of the Mars Probe. This ambitious Mars Mission in 2020 will be regulated under UAE laws by the space sector.


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