Twitter is struggling to retain dominance among other key social networking services.

Recently, Twitter updated its direct messages with read receipts, typing indicators (the three dots that you see when someone is typing) and web link previews. The features come available to all Twitter users on iOS and Android over the coming days and what a better way for the company to announce the news via a 38-second video?! 

In the video, we see participants in a group chat that can see when a message is seen by everyone. Each user's profile photo is shown when they are typing. The setting is enabled on default, but Twitter users can turn the feature off in settings under "Send/Receive read receipts". The read receipts and typing indicators are only visible on iOS and Android. If all of these features sound familiar, it's probably because they actually are! 

Probably you are one of the more than 1 billion people who use Messenger or WhatsApp. Both of there are Facebook properties.

Twitter's new update come at a time where the popular microblogging site is struggling to retain dominance among other players like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and Instagram, which all rank above Twitter when it comes for number of users and time spent in app.


Petros Stathis