The director of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, Zeljka Radak-Kukavičić said that according to the increased number of tourists from Western Europe and maintaining positions in the key markets, the country is expecting successful results like last year or even better!

The director also said to the newspaper Pobjeda that tourists, after the latest terrorist attacks, are searching for safe holidays. This year the number of tourists who will visit Turkey will drop drastically because of the recent attacks in Istanbul and Ankara. Especially Russian tourists who are dominant in Turkey will prefer to spend their vacation instead of Turkey in other countries like Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Spain. The summer season will be very successful for Montenegro according to Zeljka Radak-Kukavičić.
Radak-Kukavičić emphasized that Montenegro doesn’t expect to attract tourists because of the weaknesses of the other countries but it relies on its brand, its reasonable prices and the various interesting activities that offers. There have been already promotions and advertisements of the country in Berlin, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Moscow, Istanbul, Belgrade, Kiev, Baku and other cities. There have been also important promotions in China which is a really crucial market.
The director of National Tourism Organization announced that Montenegro started negotiations with the Israeli airlines company “Israir Airlines” for starting new flights from Tel Aviv to Podgorica and Tivat. Many flights will start also this month and in May from the companies Ryanair and EasyJet. There are already frequent flights from Brussels, London and Manchester. Ryanair focuses on the airport of Podgorica while Easyjet is focus on Tivat.


Petros Stathis