Croatia is one of the most famous destination nowadays and especially in summer.

croatia party destinations

Young people from all over the world choose Croatia for their vacation mainly because of the big number of festivals and parties in the country! So if this summer you are looking for nice beaches, historical monuments and in the same time you want unforgettable parties, check the following places:

Pag Island

1-8 This amazing island is located in the central Croatian coast near Zadar. Sometimes people refer to the island as the “Croatian Ibiza”. In the island there is the famous Zrće beach where the parties never stop. Most of the festivals of Croatia are taking place in Zrće beach like Hideout, Fresh Island, Loveweek Festival, Barrakud Festival and Sonus.

Murter Island

Best_party_beaches_in_Croatia_Murter_Slanica_pic001 Murter Island is one of the northern Dalmatian islands. You don’t need a ship to go there because it’s connected with the mainland by a bridge. Also important festivals are taking place there and mainly in the city of Tisno. Some of the festivals are the Garden Festival, Love International and Electric Elephant.


ultra_thumb_3 Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is a famous destination for every kind of holidays. You can enjoy both the beaches and the forest in Split. In July the famous Ultra Europe Festival takes place there with the most famous DJs of the world!


croatia destination Pula is a city next to the sea in the north of the Croatian coast. It’s one of the most visited city because of its Roman architecture and the breathtaking beaches. The most famous monument of Pula is the Roman amphitheatre that hosts also famous concerts and festivals during the summer. In Fort Punta Christo that is a few kilometers outside Pula every summer many important festival are organized like Seasplah, Dimensions and Outlook.


Petros Stathis