There are some important things that you should know and take into consideration before the European markets open.

-It was a big day for banking in UK. The Monetary Policy Committee published the results and it seems that the rates will remain low for another month.
-Jakarta was target of terrorists and at least six people died from explosion in the huge capital of Indonesia. The president stated that the situation is under control.
-The big trial of the six bankers for Euribor case has a date! The bankers were accused for being part in a well-organized plan with traders to manipulate interest rates of Euribor. The trial will be held in London on September 4, 2017 and one of the bankers who was Deutsche Bank trader will be represented by Alexander Cameron, the brother of Prime Minister of UK David Cameron.
-A scientist, Kathy Niakan decided that she wants to change the DNA of human embryos. With no doubt, it’s a controversial experiment and there will be different reactions.
-Bosnia made application for joining Europe Union but the answer won’t come this month as it was expected.
-A far-right organization in Germany was preparing attacks against immigrants but fortunately the authorities understood their plan early.
-According to scientists, the global warming will change the natural ice ages and it’s possible that the next big freeze of the planet will be 100.000 years from now.
-All European eyes are on Poland because of the new conservative government of the country. The government is breaching the law by taking control of the media and the judiciary and the Polish people are protesting about it.
-There is a big argument between the Portuguese government and the trade unions of the country about changing the 40-hour working week to 35-hour for the civil workers.


Petros Stathis