All over the world they’re trying to make Drone Racing a real sport but Dubai took first the initiative!

Dubai will organize the first Drone Prix in the world on March 11th and 12th! Flying robots will contest in high speed competition and over 100 teams will be participated. Firstly, the teams will have races on March 7th and 8th and the best 32 will continue to the finals.
Dubai doesn’t want to create something like a Formula 1 league but the World Drone Prix will have some features that other big leagues could be jealous of. First of all the value of the production will be huge! Second the prizes will be $1Million total with $250,000 for the first winner!
It’s the first competition of drones and it will be expected to be really thrilling! It will be hold in front of local audience and meanwhile all the planet will be watching this to mark the birth of the sport of the future!
Only from the budget of the World Drone Prix it’s expected that it will have something to show and thrive. Perhaps after the big event, more similar races will follow even if some people think that drones racing is not actual a real sport!
The race will be organized from World Organization of Racing Drones (WORD) that was created recently and it’s in charge of setting future dates, rules and spreading awareness of the new fabulous sport!
This is an event that it’s worth watching even directly from Dubai or by streaming! Don’t miss it!


Petros Stathis