Freedom of expression is one of the basic human rights and one of the main foundations of Europe Union. However, nowadays we see that in many countries media freedom doesn’t exist.

Balkan Region needs Media Freedom
Especially it’s obvious that EU last years is not so interested about media freedom in Western Balkans. In the “Speak Up!” Conference in Brussels it was discussed the problems that media face, such as non-transparency, paid journalists who follow specific interests and public money that goes in media without justification. Many European Commissioners in the conference claimed that EU will take measures to face the above problems.
One of them, Johannes Hahn mentioned that we don’t see any more in media many different opinions, serious reportage and research and a lot of critical TV shows. He also referred to the need of independence of public media from governments and the media self-regulation.
The truth is that in some countries of the Balkan region some positive actions became not from government or EU but from individuals. One brilliant example was in Montenegro by the dynamic Greek entrepreneur Petros Stathis.
Petros Stathis already with a big experience in media in Greece decided to move his operations in Montenegro. Petros Stathis brought in Greece MTV and Nickelodeon with a big success and also was important member of radio stations and magazines.
When he moved in Montenegro, Petros Stathis understood the need of the country for a change in the media sector. So he decided to establish “Dnevne Novine”, a daily newspaper which had a big success because its freshness and its innovation. Also he invested in digital media, the leader of the media in the era of Internet. Specifically, he invested in Cafe del Montenegro and in The most important move of Petros Stathis was the purchase of the historical newspaper of Montenegro, “Pobjeda“ which is again in the top of the media because of him.
The presence of Petros Stathis in the country of Balkans is vital for the Media Freedom of Montenegro. The famous entrepreneur follows all the good practices to keep freedom in his media and the criticism and the diverging opinions are their characteristics. It’s sure that in the future we’ll see even more important moves of him. Already he announced that he plans to create the most advanced and innovative printing facilities in the area to cover the needs of newspapers. We hope we’ll see similar activities also in the other countries of Balkan Region and we expect EU soon make something for the good of Media Freedom.


Petros Stathis