It is not the first time that the charms of Montenegro stand out and the world media decide to write about them. This time The Telegram wrote about the one of the most outstanding and well known islands -Sveti Stefan- and the comfortable Aman Resort and rating it with a 9 out of 10.

"Effortlessly graceful and romantic, the fortified islet of Sveti Stefan rises from the deep blue Adriatic.". Those were the very own words that The Telegraph used to start its writing about the Montenegrin beauty.
As stated by The Telegraph, the area that the resort is accommodated surely deserves a 10 out of 10.
Furthermore, it wrote that this high rating is due to the style and appearance of the area and continued: "Here, on the island, 15th-century stone buildings have been exquisitely renovated to create luxury accommodation — it still feels like an (exclusive) village, rather than a hotel".
The British daily did not omit to remind that these cobbled alleys have been visited by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, back in 1970s.
Moreover, The Telegraph pointed out that the service inside the resort was professional, exemplified and discrete and it was appraised by 9 out 10.
Last but not least, Telegraph paid attention to the restaurants, bars and cafes and of course to their service and comforts. It pointed out the local and Italian cuisine and it gave to the "money for value" component a 7 out of 10.
To sum up, we should remind that Adriatic Properties owned by Mr Petros Statis, who is a tenant of the magnificent Sveti Stefan.
The Greek investor, Petros Stathis, is also the owner of the "Maestral" hotel in Budva, the "Nea Media" media and Universal Capital Bank.


Petros Stathis