Recently Telegraph made a list of the 50 best honeymoon hotels and destinations in the world! In the list there were included classic destinations for honeymoon like Maldives, Seychelles , Santorini, Venice and Paris but it was also included Montenegro and its diamond hotel, Aman Sveti Stefan!

Aman Sveti Stefan, Villa Miločer - Exterior and Entrance
Honeymoon is the holidays that you' ll live once (or more!) and everyone has high expectations of this and wants nothing less than the best. Of course not all couples are searching the same things but some things like a comfortable bed, tasty food and a beautiful destination are necessary in every honeymoon!
Aman Sveti Stefan is a perfect place to enjoy some relaxing days with your other half! Sveti Stefan is considered as the diamond of the Adriatic Sea justifiably. Sveti Stefan is a small islet and hotel resort in Budva Riviera, a place with magnificent beaches, traditional villages and wild nightlife so you and your love can spend your time as you prefer as the area offers different types of holidays!
Aman Sveti Stefan is the largest spa of Aman Group so be prepared to relax completely! You can spend your day in the inside or the outside swimming pool or visit one of the private hydrotherapy suites with herbal baths that is big enough for two persons!
The resort has a variety of guest rooms, cottages and suites, including 8 suites that are part of Villa Miločer, which was the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadordevic. Every room, cottage and suite is luxurious but in the same time they maintain the traditional element in their decoration.
The resort was renovated in 2010 by its new Greek owner, Petros Stathis who managed to make the takeover from a Japanese fund. Mr. Stathis stated that the island is not only business for him but much more and by doing this renovation it’s beneficial for all country! And his dreams came true, the resort is something priceless for Montenegro! Stathis recently became the owner of another one luxury resort in Montenegro, Maestral Resort & Casino!
Dont forget to enjoy during your evening in Sveti Stefan a glass of good wine in the bar of the resort and take a romantic walk in the beach!


Petros Stathis