The famous theme parks Six Flags are travelling to Dubai in order to complete the entertainment parks in the area. Dubai Parks and Resorts are planning to include the theme parks in their facilities. This project will cost more than $ 3 billion!

Six Flags
So on April 18 2016, the board of directors of Parks and Resorts will carry out a meeting. The shareholders will discuss about this extension, as well as the possibility to vote for a new special resolution which will increase the capital about 1.68 billion. From those the majority will be afforded to the new facilities of the Six Flags new theme park.
The idea to include a new theme park and especially one that belong to the famous Six Flags is going to strengthen the domination of Dubai Parks and Resorts in the entertainment sector in Middle East. This the first Six Flag theme park in the area says Mr. Raed Kajoor Al Nuaimi the chief executive officer of Dubai Parks and Resorts.
The theme parks chain Six Flag, is one of the biggest worldwide and posses more than 18 entertainment parks all around the world. That is a very encouraging fact for Dubai Parks and Resorts that will increase their popularity and made them a more attractive place for people of all ages and nations. Dubai is considered the fourth most visited city in the world so moves like this will increase its popularity even more according to Mr All Nuaimi.
The cost for this investment is calculated to Dh2,606 million in total with an additional Dh65 million being raised to cover new business development and issue expenses.


Petros Stathis