Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Balkans and has become one of Europa's top tourist destination.

Except of these, Croatia is considered also as one of the safest places in Europe! But which places exactly are the safest in the coutry?
Recently in a conference in Zadar, the safest places in the Balkan country revealed according to the rate of traffic offences and drug abuse and the rate of assaults and property crimes.
In the top of the list is Sinj, a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia with a safety and security rate of 1.51. Petrinja is the second safest place in Croatia which is located 50 kilometers far from the capital Zagreb and has safety and security rate of 1.75.
The third in the list was Samobor, a city which is part of Zagreb metropolitan area and fourth was Požega, a city in western Slavonia, eastern Croatia. Fifth was Djakovo, the centre of the rich Djakovo region. Also in the list was Dubrovnik, the beautiful city fronting the Adriatic Sea which is also famous from Game of Thrones.
The other entries in the top ten safest cities in 2015 were Sisak, Vukovar, Solin and Split.
As regards the burglaries and thefts, the safest places are Požega, Sinj and Dubrovnik. When it comes to traffic safety, Petrinja, Djakovo and Sinj were the best perfoming.
As it seems, Croatia is not only a country where you can spend memorable vacation but a country where you can live and raise your children safely!


Petros Stathis