The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Center for Safer Internet Serbia will celebrate the 9th of February Safer Internet Day to promote the safe use of new technologies and Internet.

Safer Internet Day on 9 February
As reported on the website of the ministry, the event celebration of the Safer Internet Day in the Serbian Parliament will open the State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić.
In the event is going to be discussed the protection of personal data and the role of institutions in the online environment. There is also going to follow discussions, by representatives of state institutions and NGOs, on how it is to work with young people and what challenges can be posed by these new technologies.
The conference will present the children and staff of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade Youth Office in cooperation with the associations of City of Belgrade. The goal is to hear the public discussion, in order to inform on safe "surfing" on the Internet.
"We promote the use of the Internet, which provides unlimited opportunities for communication and learning, but we are aware of the risks that the environment carries. The emphasis of the conference will be tied to the positive side of using a global network, but also on the role and responsibility that we all have in common in order to create a better internet environment for children and future generations ", continues the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.
The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications in cooperation with the Safer Internet Centre Serbia calls everybody to join this international campaign and celebrate the Safer Internet Day in Serbia.


Petros Stathis