The gathering of Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending a message to Montenegro to charm the little Adriatic nation as it moves towards NATO participation, which Russia restricts.

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An abnormal state designation from President Putin's Assembled Russia gathering is coming to Montenegro in mid-April to enhance relations with the majority Orthodox country.
The visit will incorporate gatherings with pro-Russian parties, religious pioneers, NGOs, business affiliations, media and the Russian diaspora in Montenegro.
The goal is to grow new organizations of Montenegro-Russian collaboration with the end goal of expanding Montenegrin representation in Russia's financial matters and legislative issues. The mediator of the undertaking will be Sergei Zeleznjak, VP of the Russian Duma.
Fundamentally Slavic in ethnicity and the majority of them Orthodox in religion, Montenegro has a long history of close relations with Moscow, going back to the rule of Tsar Peter the Great.
For a considerable length of time, Montenegro has been named the "Russian VIP resort", as the favored destination of Russian oligarchs.
Regardless of cooling political ties, Russians are still the most various remote voyagers in the nation. Around 300,000 Russians visit the nation every year, making more than a million overnight remains. Some studies recommend that more than 40 for each penny of land in Montenegro now has a place with Russians, chiefly to government officials and extremely rich people.


Petros Stathis