It is a while since the number of people using the public transportation has been increased, which as a fact is really promising to realize.

Dubai Metro transportation
The Dubai Metro is in the heart of the city and its expansion, in order to help more people move around easily without limit themselves, is just a matter of time. So, it is important to say that this project is certainly going to help with the city’s improvement.
The expansion will cover the World Expo 2020 area and the Al Maktoum International Airport. Moreover, the plans for its expansion are to cover new habitable and business neighborhoods along with fine hospitals and leisure facilities.

The truth is that the development of public transportation in such high rates is following the Smart Dubai concept. The high living quality implies that there should exist an easy way to navigate yourself from an area to another, and also that the transport system should be clean and respect the environment.

A new era began for Dubai when the Dubai Metro Project came in life in September 2009. Since then, many more projects have been completed, including opening roads for trams and new bus services.

In Dubai, the great progress and innovation in driverless systems has offered a wide range of advantages in the automation area and helped with the elimination of human error. Besides that, there is no doubt that the metro has already become part of the culture of its citizens.

Last but not least, it is wise to mention that with the percentage of its passengers growing day by day, Dubai is will keep up developing as its projects keep succeeding and promote its culture.


Petros Stathis