Tourism authorities from everywhere throughout the Balkans are plotting for a greater cut of the lucrative Chinese tourism market – in spite of the fact that Croatia is doing best at attracting Chinese holidaymakers by a long shot at this moment.

Tourism ministers and specialists from China and 16 Central and Eastern European nations went to a meeting last month, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to examine co-tasking in the tourism segment.

Subjects that were high on the plan of the gathering incorporated the need of acquainting non-stop flights from China with the area, production of joint tourism bundles and further rearranging visa application techniques.

China propelled the 16+ configuration in 2012. It looks to enhance exchange and monetary ties among China and 16 nations and a convention on co-activity in tourism was marked in 2014.

Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli said recently at a meeting that the locale had its eye on the essential Chinese market.

“Chinese tourists represent a fifth of worldwide tourism and a year ago alone 12.4 million Chinese individuals visited Europe, which is the reason Central and Eastern European provinces see a colossal development potential in China,” he said. Capelli affirmed that his nation is consulting on flights to China for one year from now.

In different nations of the district, the quantity of tourists from China is additionally rising.

Bricklayer Hinsdale, editorial manager of Jing Travel, a site that had some expertise in worldwide Chinese travel, said Croatia and Serbia are the two quickest developing Balkan goals for Chinese holidaymakers.


“Serbia alongside Bosnia-Herzegovina has a visa-absolved approach for Chinese tourists, which no uncertainty helps,” Hunsdale told BIRN.

Serbia’s Tourism Office said the nation had 90,000 Chinese tourists this year, regarding the quantity of paid evenings in the initial seven months of this current year.

This was 80 for every penny more contrasted with a similar period a year ago.

Bosnia and Herzegovina additionally recorded more tourists from China this year. In the initial seven months of 2018, 27,174 of them visited the nation. In a similar time of 2017, that number was 16,139, Bosnia’s state office for insights information appear.

A Bosnian consent to defer visas for normal Chinese international ID holders ended up viable in May 2018 and could empower Bosnia to benefit more from Chinese tourism, authorities accept.

In any case, the numbers are far higher in Croatia, where the Croatian Tourist Board, HTZ, revealed to BIRN that the nation indented up 160,000 Chinese entries and 237,000 overnights in 2017.

Contrasted with 2016, this spoke to an ascent of 57 for each penny in entries and a 48 for each penny ascend in medium-term remains.

HTZ additionally disclosed to BIRN that, so far this year, entries had developed by another 40 for each penny and medium-term remains by 38 for each penny

Montenegro has additionally observed huge development regarding Chinese tourists. In 2017, the quantity of visits and overnights multiplied, as per the National Tourism Organization, NTO.

In any case, in July it said that Montenegro still expected to modify its vacationer offer to their requirements, which means more eateries with Chinese food, more visitor directs in Chinese and quality “shopping visits”.

As indicated by Macedonia’s State Statistical Office, the quantity of Chinese tourists in the nation has developed notably – however from a little base.

In the primary portion of 2018, the quantity of Chinese tourists achieved 6,940, which was much more than the 4,286 recorded amid a similar period a year ago.

In Bulgaria, be that as it may, Chinese tourists shape just a little portion of the developing vacationer part, and their number has changed all through the most recent couple of years.

Traveler service information for the January to July 2018 season demonstrate an aggregate of 5.3 million individuals visited the nation in that period yet just 15,477 originated from China.

Besides, that denoted a 7.1 for every penny decrease in the number recorded over a similar period in 2017.

In a visit in December 2017 to China’s Henan territory, Bulgarian Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova guaranteed that, in the initial 10 months of 2017, 24,000 Chinese tourists had visited Bulgaria, a 45 for each penny increment contrasted with 2016.


Petros Stathis