Population of Montenegro is increasing compared with other countries of Balkan Region.

As stated in a research, Serbia and Croatia had declining population growth the previous year. Specifically, it was like Serbia lost a city of about 40.000 residents and Croatia a city of about 30.000 residents. Also Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the list of the countries who lost population last year of about 6.000 people.

Population of Montenegro
On the other hand, Montenegro and other countries of the Balkans like Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo had positive population growth. Especially Kosovo recorded the highest birth rate with the significant number of 32.087 new-born babies.
Montenegro didn’t have such high birth rate like Kosovo but it has an important number as well. Particularly, in 2014 7.529 children were born and 6.014 people died. Despite the fact that it seems positive this birth rate, according to the statistics there is a decline of 2.3% in comparison with 2013 but at least these countries are not in position of Serbia and Croatia.
Montenegro seems that has development in everything last years despite the economic crisis all over the world. Maybe a part of the positive growth rate is caused because people from other countries moved there and made families. For examples, it’s very important that many entrepreneurs moved there to invest their money because of various reasons.
A brilliant example is Petros Stathis who moved his operations from Greece to Montenegro and invested in different sectors like media, hospitality industry, bank sector and food industry. Petros Stathis until now seems that have great impact on the economic development of Montenegro and the country respects him.
 In our opinion, next years we’ll see important and innovative things happening in Balkan Region. From positive population growth to big investments!


Petros Stathis