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It's been a year since Greek entrepreneur Petros Stathis owned the Montenegrin newspaper ‘Pobjeda’. This ownership is regarded as one of Stathis' greatest business achievements and a ‘personal victory’ as he managed to save one of Montenegro's oldest newspaper, which has been heavily in debt and struggling to survive for years.
Stathis' organization, Media Nea, one year ​​ago ​​submitted​ ​a formal offer for the bankrupt ​​state - owned daily, as the main ​​investor inspired by purchasing the vexed outle​t. The newspaper, which is already 70 years old, faced last year bankruptcy as a result of its debts.
A little about Pobjeda ’s history: It was set up by the victorious Yugoslav Partisans towards the end of the World War II. The word ‘Pobjeda’, which is the name of the newspaper means "Victory".
Initially it was originally a newsletter of the new Communist authorities in Montenegro. The first issue of Pobjeda was published on 24 October 1944 as a part of the National liberation front of Montenegro. Three more issues ​​came out before Pobjeda started to be distributed in Cetinje. That city was Pobjeda's home until 1954, when it moved to Podgorica.
Until September 1997 it was the ​​only daily​ paper imprinted in Montenegro. Taking after a few unsuccessful privatization endeavors, it is the main every day daily paper in Montenegro that is ​​​owned​ ​by the​ Government [Government of Montenegro Owns 76.7%]. On 21st of May, 2010 Pobjeda was for the first time printed in Latin script, after 66 years of being printed in Cyrillic.


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