Passengers have now the opportunity to check-in their tickets for Emirates not 24h but 48h before their departure. This is valid for passengers in all around the world. They can simply online check in their tickets from desktops or other mobile devices from 90 minutes to 2 days before the scheduled flight.

Emirates Airline
This new action is really helpful for the costumers, as they can arrange their trips much better. Now they don’t need to wait too long at the airport and they can also have their tickets ready for their departure. The earlier check-in will also help in improving the communications between clients and the airline companies in case of delays or problems to flights.
So the costumers can just leave their suitcases in the online check-in counters before the trip. However for flights from and to United States the passengers can on-line check in their tickets, but they can get their boarding pass only the same day. There is also a new addition to the services of the airline, that of car parking. This helps to reduce the waiting in lines for check in, in high seasons.
Now the customers travelling out of Dubai have the alternative to leave their luggage at one of the 46 dedicated counters in Economy Class or First Class and Business Class counters at Dubai International Airport from six hours to 90 minutes before departure. There are 10 more bag counters available in the dedicated US flight check-in zone.


Petros Stathis