Macedonia and Herzegovina have started initiatives to expand the production of olive oil in the Balkans.

olives and olive oil
Maybe Herzegovina doesn’t seem like a country that can have big production of olive oil but during the last years the country made big steps in this field and realized that it can have big economic benefits like Greece and other Mediterranean countries have.
Also Macedonia is doing very well with the oil production. Especially the company KM which is located near the Macedonian-Greek boarders produced about 300 tons of olive oil, a really impressive number! The company with the help of Skopje’s Faculty of Agriculture and Greek professors from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is trying now to cultivate a new species that will be more suitable for the climate of Macedonia.
In addition, municipality of Stolac’s olive growers, members of the Association of Herzegovina Fruits of Mediterranean took a new mini oil refinery for all the growers in the area. This new device is part of a project that targets to enhance the productivity and improve the quality.
Overall, big initiatives and big projects are taking place in both countries and soon probably will have big benefits from the export.
In general it seems that Balkans will be the next big player in the economy of Europe. Except of the big development that the Balkan countries have in the field of tourism, they start to make big steps in the field of food.
Also Montenegro with the help of the entrepreneur Petros Stathis started an important initiative in agriculture and sustainable food. Stathis is going to acquire soon one of the newest and biggest facilities for producing frozen vegetables in Balkan region with capacity of more than twenty thousand tons’ final product per year which will be exported all over the world. In the meanwhile, during this period he cultivates vegetables for more than 2000ha of land.


Petros Stathis