2 years now, since 2014, Dubai has a big plan to be transformed into a “Smart city” and has taken this ambition very seriously!

In 2017 it’s sure that Dubai will be the winner and will be the smartest city in the world but the problem is how the city will maintain the title after as many cities wants to have the crown!
The director of Smart Dubai Office, Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr said that they are sure about their succeed next year because the great work between governments and the collaboration of private and public sector but they must continue this by adopting cutting-edge technology.
As the life nowadays is defined by the digital landscape, Dubai’s governance system and all the public needs must be adjusted to this.
The Smart Dubai office divided its strategy in 6 pillars: governance, economy, living, environment, people and mobility! In addition, a new study is taking place now to discover the new needs that Dubai should satisfy to remain the smartest city.
It should be a continuous digital transformation so Dubai will remain a smart city both for working and living where the quality of life will be high and the people happy.
These years since 2014 Dubai and in general UAE through its digital transformation accomplished a lot of things! Internet penetration in the UAE stands at above 90 percent, while penetration of mobile subscriptions is nearly 117 percent. Also almost the 70% of the population is using social media and the country was ranked 32nd in the UN’s ICT Development Index and 23rd in the World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index! It is estimated also that the value of Internet of Things (IoT) applications will contribute around $1.17 billion to the public sector and around $3.7 billion to the private sector by 2019!


Petros Stathis