By changing the organization’s leasers into proprietors of its more productive parts, the Croatian state administration of the stricken Agrokor organization has chosen to determine some portion of the organization’s immense obligations.

Over eight months after the Croatian state took control of the gigantically obliged Agrokor organization, the administration has chosen to change obligations owed to leasers into responsibility for organization. As a feature of the transitory state phenomenal administration – which may last up to 15 months – Agrokor's leasers' board – which assembles providers, security proprietors and banks to whom the organization owes cash – on Wednesday concurred that the cash the organization owes them will be moved into possession.

Talking on N1 local TV as of late, Agrokor state phenomenal director Ante Ramljak clarified that the gathering would likewise be scaled back and changed into a holding.

Beneficial parts of the gathering will put into this new holding, which will go into the responsibility for the lenders.

Other non-productive parts of the gathering will be shut in chapter 11 systems. Some portion of the obligation will be composed off in concurrence with the loan bosses.

"We got bolster from all individuals from the temporary loan bosses' gathering on the settlement structure; we are happy with this structure, and can keep on working on the subtle elements of the level of aggregate obligation recuperation of the leasers," Ramljak said.

Marica Vidakovic, a delegate of the relationship of Agrokor's providers, said that the organization's greatest providers in the banks' board "hadn't given a green light" to the reported settlement.

Holding a duplicate of the understanding, which had been torn up, she said that "it's not in their [the suppliers'] intrigue", and included that the best thing for the providers is protect the present chain in the organization.

"Throughout the following a few months, we will take after the arrangement, in light of the design of that settlement, deciding the last procedures, at the end of the day, how huge the recuperation of their obligations will be," he included.

Ramljak noticed that the proprietors of 67 for each penny of the organization's obligation of exactly 7.4 billion euros need to concede to the last settlement for it to end up noticeably legitimate for every one of them.

He included that the new holding may change its name.

On the off chance that a settlement is achieved, Agrokor's originator, Croatian businessperson Ivica Todoric, would never again be the organization's dominant part proprietor. Agrokor's state administration in October uncovered huge abnormalities in the organization's records, after which Ramljak documented criminal accusations against Todoric.

Police have since looked through the private homes of Todoric, his family and other previous best authorities, briefly capturing and soon discharging some of them. Before police seeks started, Todoric left Zagreb for London. After an European capture warrant was issued against him, he handed himself to the police over London in November.

The magistrates' court in London requested him to report back to the court in April, when it will evaluate the case for his potential removal or assume control over the trial. The organization's part in Croatia's economy is huge. Incomes of 6.5 billion euros in 2015 involved right around 16 for every penny of Croatia's aggregate GDP. It additionally has around 40,000 workers.

Agrokor utilizes another 20,000 individuals in neighboring Bosnia and Serbia, while it is trusted that providers and organizations for the Slovenian retailer Mercator – which Agrokor purchased in 2014 – utilize around 70,000 individuals in Slovenia also.


Petros Stathis