With the motto “making the dessert bloom”, the Israeli food companies try to develop new techniques for the agriculture and food preparation.

In countries with hot climate, the regions which are suitable for agriculture and the water supplies are really limited. So the foοd companies there must develop unique technology for irrigation, desalination and crop management in those areas. So the Israeli agricultural companies are adopting latest technology tools in order to succeed this goal.
One of these companies, Cropx which was created in 2013, helps the agricultural population to exploit, in the best possible way the sources of water. More specifically the company checks and controls the farms in order to provide the farmers with the best advises about the type of soil and the amount of water it needs.
Other food companies find their ways to the market too. For example Strauss Group, Israel’s largest fοod producer includes three start-up companies: Yofix, which produces a new type of yogurt for vegetarians, Bactusense, which offers a new generation system for the detection of mocro-organisms, and Deep Learning Robotics, which trains robots.
Plus the companies hope that the new recommendations about the decrease of fat and sugar in products, will help their plans for a more healthy way of nutrition.“It’s not only about making more food for more people, but it’s also about making healthier food,” says Eran Baniel of DouxMatok, a company that makes sweeteners with less calories and less harmful effects in health comparing to the sugar.


Petros Stathis