A new big project will be created from 2 Balkan countries, Montenegro and Albania! A new highway will be built that will link the two countries.

Map of Europe and Montenegro. 3d

Albanian officials stated that the highway that will connect Adriatic and Ionian Sea is one of the biggest projects of the last years. The highway is not going also to connect these 2 countries that are involved but also it will make easier the access from other EU countries such as Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia!
Montenegro and Albania already received a big amount of money for this project. They took 4 million euros from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the study of the project! Furthermore, the two countries are thinking about the improvement of the railway that connects them! Also the railway between Albania and Macedonia is a priority. In general, Europe Union seems that give attention to the infrastructural projects in the Balkan region, something that will have positive impact on the development of all the Balkan countries. They really need these projects because of all the economic problems that they face!
In addition it’s very important that this new highway and the rest of the infrastructural projects will enhance the tourism sector of the two countries. Especially Montenegro will have great benefit as it’s already being transformed to one of the must-to-go destinations of Europe! When the highway will be built, the country will receive more visitors from Albania, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia!
Already Montenegro has tourists from there because many investors who come from the countries above decided to move their businesses in Montenegro. A great example is Petros Stathis, a dynamic entrepreuner and investor from Greece that is believing that tourism of Montenegro has many possibilities to be developed. Petros Stathis decided to invest in two of the best resorts of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan and Maestral Resort & Casino. But he didn’t stop there, Stathis realized that Montenegro is not a country only for summer and made a big investment in real estate in a winter resort, Kolasin where he’ll build upmarket villas soon!


Petros Stathis