At yesterday’s sitting of the Polish Parliament, the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro has been ratified.

The lower house of the Polish parliament, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, has ratified Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATO with 441 votes “in favour”. From 460 representatives in the Parliament, 441 were in attendance and they all voted yes.

Poland is the seventh country to ratify the Protocol. Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania and Bulgaria have already ratified the Protocol as well.

Croatia announced that it would ratify the Protocol as soon as possible.

On July 6th, Minister of Foreign and EU Affairs of Croatia Miro Kovač spoke at the session of the Government, stating that Croatia strongly supports further expansion of NATΟ. Mr. Miro Kovač has also presented a draft of the law on ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATΟ.

"We especially support Montenegro’s membership in NATO because it will contribute to stability in the region”, he said.

White House has also started a process of ratification by sending a note to the American Senate.

Accession Protocol was signed on May 19th in Brussels, at the meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of NATO. All members of the Alliance need to ratify it before Montenegro does. The process should be over by mid 2017.


Petros Stathis