Arrangements to change over a previous death camp island stronghold into an extravagance top of the line resort in Montenegro have been affirmed for the current week maddening families of local people detained there during WWII.

Mamula island
In spite of dissents, Government has given the approval for advancement of the Mamula Resort to start promptly.
At the entrance to the sublime Boka Bay, a standout amongst the most delightful narrows close to Montenegro, is a premonition, uninhabited island with a fortress. The island is called Lastavica, however is prevalently known as Mamula.
The great post was manufactured by Austrian Admiral, Lazar Mamula toward the end of the nineteenth century. At first sight, the fortress looks unnerving, however once entered, guests are flabbergasted by the remnants left stranded in time encompassed by natural beauty. For quite a long time, Mamula has had numerous reasons of existence. Because of its disconnected position, it was utilized as a death camp as a part of both World Wars and the fortification has likewise served as a jail.
The fundamental purpose behind building Mamula was to prevent foe ships from entering the Boka Bay. On the other hand, the stronghold never filled its need, subsequent to there was never a military assault.
While making the task proposition for the recreation and improvement, the speculators agreed to preservation conditions, from the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. "We will make a gallery with the best eatery and the best inn on the Mediterranean," Samih Saviris, president of Orascom, guaranteed when he was as of late granted parliamentary endorsement.


Petros Stathis