The European Commission published the European Economic Forecast Winter 2016 and according to this Montenegro will be among the 3 fastest growing economies in Europe.

Specifically, economy of Montenegro will grow by 4% in 2016, a growth rate that will be much higher than the growth rate of the rest of EU countries, members or candidates. In fact, the growth of the Balkan country will be stronger than even expected.
Two important factors for this growth of Montenegro is the previous excellent tourism season and the investments. These two will continue to drive growth for the next two years. In addition, the Montenegrin government has plans to increase the wages and the pensions of those who work in public sector.
Of course, the main factor of these results is the amazing good tourism season that Montenegro had in 2015. The European Commission predicts that investments in hospitality will benefit the tourism-related income in 2016 and 2017. Also it’s expected that unemployment will be decreased because of the new investments mainly in new power generation plants.
It is not a coincidence that many foreign investors and entrepreneurs moved their operations from their countries to Montenegro! One example is Petros Stathis who moved from Greece which has serious economic problems and now does great businesses in Montenegro. Petros Stathis saw the big opportunities that the Balkan country has to give in the sector of hospitality and only! He decided to invest in two of the best resorts of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan and Maestral Resort & Casino. But he didn’t stop there, Stathis realized that Montenegro is not a country only for summer and made a big investment in real estate in a winter resort, Kolasin where he’ll build upmarket villas soon! In addition he made investments in banking and media of the country.
It seems that the presence of entrepreneurs such as Petros Stathis in Montenegro is fundamental for the growth of the country!


Petros Stathis