If you hadn’t visited the Balkan paradise named Montenegro or you don’t know anything about it, it’s time to do it!

Media from all over the world are constantly writing about Montenegro and they think it’s one of the hottest destination in Balkan region.

Sophie Ibbotson wrote an article about the country named “one of Europe’s last great wildernesses”. In the article Montenegro is described as a country that is ideal for everyone who loves hiking, biking or general the nature! Because Montenegro has a breathtaking landscape!

The American TV channel, TNT also invited the tourists to hurry up and book their vacation in Montenegro. TNT compared the country with the French Riviera and praised its marinas.

The French language business magazine published in Switzerland, Bilan presented the country as a great destination for foreign investors who are searching countries for new business. Bilan also said that this small country is an intact jewel.

Azerbaijani Business Time presented Montenegro as an incredible country with rich history and precious cultural monuments. The magazine referred to many sites of the country like ancient Perast, Petrovac, olive groves in Bar and Tivat, churches, monasteries and museums in Cetinje.

Business Time emphasized on the economic and business prospect of the country and mentioned the example of Lustica Bay as an exceptional tourism project.

The previous mentioned media are just a few of the big list of newspapers, magazines, TV channels and websites that everyday are speaking about Montenegro. So are you still thinking which country you should visit next?


Petros Stathis