According to the latest enlightening statements of the Montenegro’s Finance Minister, Radoje Žugić, at the recent press conference, held on November 16th, the Budget Bill for 2016, it’s been approved already by the Saturday’s Cabinet Meeting (on November 14th) and it’s totaling EUR 2.125 billion.

 2016 Budget Bill
Government of Montenegro approves 2016 Budget Bill at the total amount of 2.125 billion euros.
As the Finance Minister, mr. Žugić also explained, the present budget spending is evaluated to sum up to EUR 773 million, since the capital budget is expected at the amount of EUR 335 million.
In addition, as mentioned in government sources, the state fund’s budget is estimated at the total amount of EUR 626 million, while at the same time it was reported that the lump sum of EUR 391 million will be used for the refunding of the national public dept, as the Montenegro’s Minister mr. Radoje Žugić, noted as well.
Regarding the government's reports, Finance Minister also pointed that in accordance with the new 2016’s Bugdet Bill, it’s estimated that the budget deficit is totaling to 7.15% of GDP. Part of this deficit alleged to is directly related to the making of Bar-Boljare highway’s main part.


Petros Stathis