In the meeting that was organized in response to the International Human Rights Day, it was decided that Montenegro is prepared for a possible arrival of migrants and refugees. The country will follow all the instructions of European Union το deal effectively with the migrant crisis.

The Debuty Prime Minister of Montenegro supported that the country is prepared for this kind of situations because of the challenges it faced after the breakup of Yukoslavia so it’s ready for new difficulties. The truth is that government of Montenegro already prepared in November a plan for how they will react if an influx of migrants and refugees will come, a plan that will respect and protect their human rights.
Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms, Šućko Bakovic stated that until now Montenegro didn’t suffer from migrant crisis like other countries but it’s possible that will happen in next months. He also believes that although Montenegro has a plan it’s not ready for a huge wave of migrants and for sure it will need help and support from Europe Union.
Bakovic insisted that the migrants and refugees must be treated with respect and with the best manner. He spoke also about the increased fear of terrorism but he supported that terrorism doesn’t have relation with the wave of migrants and refugees or with some specific religion or nation and it’s about the security that each country has.
It’s truth that this is the biggest migrant crisis since World War II and the Balkans are affected. The most migrants are expected to go through Serbia and Macedonia but the other countries of the Balkan region will suffer too. That’s why EU provided these countries with 200 million euros. Specifically, Montenegro took 2.63 million and more money are expected in the next period.


Petros Stathis