On 21 May, 2006, an independence referendum was held in Montenegro. The referendum was approved by 55.5% of voters and after it was recognized by all five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Since then the country every year celebrate its Independence Day!

celebration Independence
This year was very important because it was the 10th anniversary of Montenegro's Independence and also anniversary of a thousand years of statehood of Montenegro. In Moscow, the Embassy of the Balkan country along with the local Association of Montenegrins organized a four-day celebration.

On May 18, a formal reception was held at the Cultural Center of the diplomatic corps in the capital of Russia. Many representatives of the diplomatic corps, the legislative, executive and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation, outstanding people from the local cultural and educational circles, representatives of Montenegrin diaspora and Montenegrin students studying at Russian universities attended the reception.

In the beginning, the Montenegrin and Russian anthem were playeds and then the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Russian Federation, Mr. Zoran Jocović welcomed the guests. Mr. Jocović emphasized how important is the 10th anniversary of the Independence of the country for its history and statehood. The Ambassador also stressed the importance of many centuries of ties, diplomatic relations and cooperation between Montenegro and Russia.

On May 20, a program prepared by outstanding Montenegrin and Russian artists was organized in the conference hall of the State Historical Museum of Kremlin. 120 guests attended the stunning ceremony and everyone left with the best impressions.


Petros Stathis